Flexible and lightweight markdown CMS

Why choose Robodt?

  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • No database, just files.
  • Very easy to maintain and back-up.
  • Simple theming.
  • Flexible and extendable.
  • It's free!

Nerdy info:

  • Markdown as content format, everything is file based.
  • Built for Composer, so installation and updates are a breeze when you're a little comfortable with command line.
  • It's build in seperate packages as well, this way you can choose what you use.
  • Out of the box CMS ditributions use the Slim framework, because it's lightweight, but it's easy to switch to other frameworks like Symfony, Silex, Fat-Free or Laravel.
  • You can choose your favourite templating system or just use PHP.
  • Components are also usable in existing applications.
  • So, in short, easy to extend and modify.
  • Oh, and have I mentioned that it's open source?! It's free and you're welcome to contribute!

Why another CMS?

Most websites are not that complicated and populair CMS's like Wordpress and Drupal are really awesome. But also a pain in the ass. Maintenance, security updates, staging environments and back-ups are time consuming and hard to deal with. They have a lot of features, but to many for most websites and that makes them a bit slow in most cases.

That's where a simple, but flexible, file based markdown CMS like Robodt comes in! It only will do what it supposed to be doing, nothing more. Unless you want to, you can extend it with extra features when needed. Everything is file-based, that means, no database. All content is saved in directories and text files on the server. Of course you can also add images and other media! This makes it easy to back-up, duplicate, move or stage the website. You can even use git for your website! Including content, the theme and settings, like this website.

But aren't there several other markdown CMS's? Yes, but they're not build for Composer with the ability to switch to your own framework and template engine or even intergrate it with an existing application. You can implement, overwrite and extend almost everything. Less is more!

Getting curious?

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